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About National Patients' Organization

The National Patients’ Organization (NPO) was founded in January 2010 as an association of patient organizations. NPO is registered under the Law for legal entities as a nonprofit organization carrying out activities for the public’s benefit.

As the largest association of patient NGO organizations in Bulgaria NPO have more than 70 members - 31 full members involved in the most significant diseases and 43 partner organizations in all 28 regional towns of Bulgaria.

NPO is a full member and an active partner of the EPF (European Patients' Forum) and is partnering with organizations from across the European continent.

NPO has a special status of national representative organization to protect patients' rights, which is determined by Article 86v, par. 1 of the Health Act. This status provides NPO the opportunity to participate in the processes of healthcare policy amendments;

NPO has established good cooperation with Health institutions in Bulgaria and at her relevant organizations.


The National Patients’ Organization (NPO) is a new and modern structure in Bulgaria, based on European principles, mutual understanding, democracy and high morality. That is why as soon as NPO was established, an Ethical Code was created and adopted by all of NPO’s member organizations.

The Ethical Code is adapted in alignment with the most modern European and worldwide recommendations. It is based on high principles and ethical standards for the organization’s and its members’ activities: democracy, transparency, mutual respect and understanding, social responsibility, equal bases and opportunities, cooperation with institutions and partners.

Transparency is a leading principle of NPO. A full report on all material and non-material donations to the organization is announced annually at a press conference and later disseminated through NPO’s official website.

Ethical code

NPO adopted and signed an Ethical Code, adapted to the most modern European and worldwide standards. The Ethical Code regulates the rules in the sector: ethical standards for interaction with the institutions, financial transparency and cooperation with pharmaceutical companies and between the NGO’s.

NPO’s Code is based on the EPF’s Code of Ethics and Conduct and EFPIA Code of Practice.