Steering Committee of NPO

Stanimir Hasardzhiev, MD. – Chairperson

Born October 1978 Stanimir completes his medical degree in the Medical University of Sofia in 2003. His involvement in improving the medical standards in the country began during his student years. Shortly after completing his degree in 2005 he establishes the National Association for Fighting Hepatitis – Hepasist and in 2009 he is elected chairperson of the association. In March 2010 Mr. Hasardzhiev is elected chairperson of the NPO. Naturally, working in the medical sector his involvement becomes international. He joins the European Liver Patients’ Association as a representative of Hepasist, and in 2011 he is elected as Executive Director of ELPA. Dr. Hasardzhiev is strenuous in his work and always on the move.

Evgeniya Adarska – Deputy Chairperson, Institutional and Public Relations officer

Mrs. Adarska is the founder of the first association of women diagnosed with cancer. Though her pilot association is regional and involves only the city of Plovdiv, she is pro-active and helps the formation of other organizations throughout the country. Since 2004 Mrs. Adarska is the active leader of the national association of women diagnosed with cancer – APOZ and friends. In 2007 she was elected as board member of the European Cancer Patients’ Coalition – ECPC.

Silvi Gavrilov – Deputy Chairperson, Patients’ Rights officer

Mr. Gavrilov’s high education is law and since 1998 he is a member of the Bulgarian Bar Association. Despite his degree, Mr. Gavrilov decides to join the patients’ fight for equality; in the year 2000 he joins the Center for Hope foundation which is involved in protecting and advocating for the rights and interests of children with multiple disabilities. Mr. Gavrilov has been involved on an international level through several French institutions and specialized educational institutions. Hence, his contributions to exchanging foreign experiences and best practices on patient reimbursement policies and medical malpractice cases.

Milen Chavrov – Member of the Board

Milen Chavrov is originally from Bulgaria’s sunny coastal city of Varna, though his work often takes him all across the country. Since 1997 he has been actively involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS as a co-founder of the “Plus-Minus” and “I” HIV/AIDS patient supporting foundations. Mr. Chavrov’s zealous endeavors are oriented toward reforming governmental and societal perceptions of the HIV/AIDS virus, personal and socio-economic burden of the disease and sustainable treatment.

Tatyana Pencheva-Ivancheva – Member of the Board

Born in 1952 Mrs. Ivancheva completed her higher education in Moscow, Russia. Since 2000 she has been involved with advocating for the rights of people diagnosed with MS in Bulgaria as the chairperson of the Bulgarian National Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis and Myasthenia Gravis. In 2003 Mrs. Ivancheva founded the Bulgarian MS Society and has since been the organization’s leader. Society’s main goal is to raise governmental and public awareness of the socio-economical impact of MS; to advocate for preserving the rights and interests of those diagnosed with MS; and to work for the improvement of the medical treatment environment for patients with MS.

Viktor Paskalev – Member of the Board

Mr. Paskalev’s background is in finances and accounting and has been working his profession since 1993. In 2003 he got involved with advocating the rights and interests of people diagnosed with hemophilia. As the Deputy Chairperson of Bulgaria’s Hemophilia Association he has been organizing sporting and prevention campaigns for children diagnosed with the disease.