Empowering patients

Capacity building for Patients Organizations (The New Leaders project), patients congresses and seminars

For developing the potential and capacity of patient organizations, NPO conducts prolific training initiatives for its members. Among the successful projects to date are:

The "New Leaders" project

The "New Leaders" project aims at creating and developing the capacity of NGOs by assisting their leaders to built strong organizations based on the principles of transparency and accountability. The project is part of the New Leaders foundation activities.

The program incorporates 11 educational modules where each module holds a theoretical part for self-study and a practical part which is conducted over the internet in a specialized virtual environment. The lectures carried out in line with the training program are led by professional practitioners with working knowledge and understanding of the NGO sector in the country. While the lectures take place during the weekends, Monday through Friday are the busiest days for the students.

The first course of the New Leaders program ended successfully - 18 patient organization's leaders effectively completed their education, passed their exams and took their certificates.