Patients' rights

Toll free hot line

Patients can contact the NPO over the toll-free hot line from 10:00 to 17:00 and receive consult on their rights and relevant institutions with authority in regard to their condition. The medical consultant supervising the phone line also provides first-line medical advice on preventive methods for various diseases and directs callers to the closest laboratory facilities for testing.

Patients` center

In 2011, a dedicated information center was opened under the auspices of NPO. The center is directly related to the new procedures for prescribing drugs for various diseases. A specialized sub-section was developed on the official website of NPO which holds exhaustive data on the steps and procedures of drug prescription for each disease as well as all necessary documentation needed for prescribing - where to obtain them, where to submit them and what authorities to contact in case of errors.

Numerous sample forms are available for free download in .pdf format from the NPO website. Whenever necessary, the medical consultants at NPO are ready to give consultations to patients regarding new procedures and institutional requirements.

Legal support for individuals

NPO receives complaints from patients on a daily basis. Usually, the complaints involve medical malpractices, corruption, intolerable medical behavior and administrative violations. Our consultants approach the relevant authorities for each case and track the development of patients’ pleas. Whenever necessary, NPO’s legal officers provide free consultations to patients on best ways to handle particular judicial issues and to stand up for their given rights as patients and citizens of Bulgaria.